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Valkyrie Helm

Valkyrie Helm


"AKA "Search Wikipedia for Norse mythology""

Rage Weapon Ability Passive
Ragnarok Odin's Spear Sleipnir Valhalla



Any damage dealt to enemies will deal extra damage over time for a period of time.

For 9 seconds, any damage dealt to enemies (by any teammate) will deal 3 damage per second for 3 seconds.

Odin's Spear

Odin's Spear

Throw a spear that gradually damages nearby enemies.

Throw a spear. Wherever the spear lands, all enemies in a 30 unit radius around it will take 5 damage per second for 5 seconds. Spear pierces through enemies, dealing 40 direct damage. Spear flies through the air for 3 seconds, and if it has not hit a wall by then it will fade away, and will be given back to the player. Can be fired once every 2 seconds. Spears move at a rate of 180 units per second.


Sleipnir (12.0)

Walk faster for a limited time or until you get damaged, attack, or use an ability.

Walk 70% faster for 8 seconds or until you get damaged, attack, or use an ability.



Passive. If a teammate is bloxxed near you, they respawn faster.

Passive. If a teammate is bloxxed in a 60 unit radius around you, they respawn 80% faster.