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Mad Scientist Hair

Mad Scientist Hair


"Turned himself into a pickle."

Rage Weapon Ability Ability
Big Boom Theory Flask Failed Experiment Science Experiment

Big Boom Theory

Big Boom Theory

Lower attack and defense of enemies near you while slowing them and charge up a massive attack.

Lower attack and defense of enemies near you from 5% up to 35% while slowing them from 5% up to 35% in a 100 unit range around you and charge up a massive attack for at least 1.5 seconds up to 4 seconds that deals up to 57 damage linearly interpolated based on amount charged. Fire weapon to cancel the charge and detonate. Slow self by 20% during this rage. All debuffs on enemies last for 2 seconds after detonation. While charging up, you cannot attack or use your abilities.



Throw a flask that damages and slows enemies.

Throwing weapon with an arc that takes 1 second to land. On impact, deal 15 damage and slow enemies by 15% for 1 second in a 90 unit radius. 0.5 seconds after impact, leave a cloud that deals 10 damage per second for 3 seconds in a 65 unit radius. Can be thrown every 2.4 seconds.

Failed Experiment

Failed Experiment (15.0)

Throw a vial that creates a puddle that slows, damages, and lowers defense.

Throw a vial 40 units in front of you that creates a 12x1x12 puddle that slows by 25%, deals 20 damage every second gradually, and lowers defense by 25% and lasts 9 seconds.

Science Experiment

Science Experiment (0.5)

Toggle. Empower your next Flask the longer you toggle Science Experiment. You are slowed while toggled.

Toggle. Empower your next Flask the longer you toggle Science Experiment, up to 2.5x damage, 2x the slow percentage, 1.5x the area of effect, and 4x the slow duration if toggled for 6 seconds. You are slowed by 33% while toggled.