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Divine Guardian's Helm

Divine Guardian's Helm


"Let there be light!"

Rage Weapon Ability Ability Passive
Divine Slam Blessed Hammer Holy Wave Guardian’s Daze Extra Health

Divine Slam

Divine Slam

Slam your hammer into the ground damaging nearby enemies, and giving a protective aura to allies.

Slam your hammer into the ground dealing 40 damage to enemies in a 120 unit area around you. Also provides 25% defense and 10 health per second to allies in an 250 unit radius for 6 seconds

Blessed Hammer

Blessed Hammer

Swing your hammer.

Swing a short range hammer, deals 35 damage to anyone close. Can swing once per second.

Holy Wave

Holy Wave (8.0)

Cast a holy spell that heals and grants defense to yourself and another ally. Extra healing if not targeted.

Casts a spell optionally targeting an ally within 250 units. You and the targeted ally, if there is one, are healed for 60 health and granted 25% defense for 4 seconds. If no ally is targeted, heal yourself for an additional 20 health.

Guardian’s Daze

Guardian’s Daze (7.0)

Empower your tower shield to grant damage reduction and stun an enemy with your next attack.

Empower your tower shield with a holy light for 3 seconds, this holy light provides the 25% defense, your next attack will be a shield bash that does 45 damage and stuns for .75 seconds. Attacking with your weapon consumes the holy light and defense buff.

Extra Health

Extra Health

Passive. Extra health.

Passive. Has 50 extra health.